Darren Bennett

Designer, educator and mentor

Hi there, nice to meet you!

After 30 years working in the design industry on amazing apps, games and websites as well as working with some amazing people and brands it's time to give back!

I've worked with brands such as RBS, Lloyds Bank, Sainsbury's, Adobe and Microsoft and have lead UX and Product Design teams specialising in design for mobile and web.

My skills and experience cover a wide gamut including, User Research, behavioural design, Interaction, motion and interface design

My passion is in interaction design, I love making things. At an early age I was always tinkering with things like lego or making things with cereal and eggs boxes! I wanted to make games but the world back then required me to be good and maths to get into computer science and that was definitely not something I was good at.

The along came the internet and technologies like Adobe Director and Adobe Flash. I had a great 10 years making flash games and websites moving on to (finally) learning to code.

Along the road I've learned loads of tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and all the popular  interaction and motion tools such as Axure, Principle, Flinto, InVision, Framer and ProtoPie.

I've really enjoyed learning UX designing real products from some amazingly clever people and I've also passed that knowledge down to young designers and other professional which is something I absolutely love doing.

I'm the author of ProtoPilot on YouTube and Medium where I vlog and blog about prototyping and UCD and I co-organise of the ProtoPie London Meetup, a monthly group that gets together to talk about ProtoPie, the interaction design tool.

I live in London with my lovely wife (also a designer) and my two daughters (identical twins!, I know crazy).

I've had amazing success learning everything I know on the job, with no formal design education. I want to make a point of that because anyone can learn design, you just need two things, passion and drive. 

In the words of the great George McFly, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!